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Now create a total of 16 kinds of whiteboard videos for your business!!

With this upgrade, you can now create hundreds of jaw-dropping whiteboard videos in 10 additional hot-selling niches: Cooking, Fitness, Real Estate, Fashion, Business, Childrens' Videos, Software Reviews, Make Money Online, Traveling and Nature.


addition to the

7 types of videos that you can already create: Whiteboard Sales Videos, Business Ads, Product Promos, Explainer/Tutorials, Informational, Squeeze Page Videos, and Slide Shows.

Here's your chance to skyrocket your success and dominate the hottest niches with our ultimate VidPalAi upgrade!

Introducing: 10 Additional Whiteboard Video Categories

Cooking Videos:

Create engaging cooking tutorials, showcase recipes, or promote culinary products and drive sales for kitchen gadgets and food-related businesses.
Cooking videos have proven to boost sales with 120% increased conversions. Food content is always in demand!

Fitness Videos:

You can now create videos on workout routines, fitness tips, or promote exercise equipment. Fitness videos are known for attracting dedicated followers and can boost sales for health and fitness brands.

So, sculpt success with 145% more sales of fitness products and services. Fitness enthusiasts are hungry for engaging visual content.

Real Estate Videos:

Real estate's visual appeal drives engagement. Create and use these videos to showcase properties with virtual tours, explain the home buying process, or offer insights into the real estate market. These videos can attract potential home buyers and sellers, increasing inquiries for real estate agents with a 110% spike.

Fashion Videos:

Create fashion videos and stay in style while increasing sales by 130% for clothing and accessories. Fashion videos are highly shareable and attract shoppers. Present fashion trends, clothing reviews, or outfit ideas. Fashion videos are highly shareable and can drive sales for clothing brands and e-commerce stores.

Business Videos:

Ace your business game with 140% higher conversions compared to not using videos. Professional insights grab attention. Create informative videos on various business topics, like marketing strategies, leadership tips, or financial advice. These videos can attract entrepreneurs and business professionals, increasing conversions for business consultancy services.

Childrens' Videos:

Develop entertaining and educational content for kids, such as animated stories, learning videos, or toy reviews and witness a 160% increase in engagement within this niche. Child-friendly content stands out. Children's content can attract young audiences and their parents to generate engagement for toy sales and education businesses.

Software Review Videos:

Offer detailed software reviews, demonstrations, or tutorials. These videos can attract tech-savvy viewers interested in software products, increasing affiliate sales and ad revenue. Review, sell, and gain 125% more conversions compared to text-only reviews. Tech audiences crave informative videos.

Make Money Online Videos:

Create "MMO" videos and share money-making tips, investment advice, or success stories. These videos can engage viewers looking to improve their financial situation, driving affiliate sales and course enrollments. Cash in on MMO videos with a 150% rise in conversions when promoting business tools and opportunities.

Travel Videos:

Showcase travel destinations, provide travel tips, or document your journeys. Travel videos inspire wanderlust and can attract tourists, generating bookings for travel agencies and affiliate marketing opportunities. Travel videos have shown a stunning 135% increase in bookings.

Nature Videos:

Scenic beauty resonates with viewers. Create stunning visuals of nature, wildlife, and environmental topics. Nature videos appeal to nature enthusiasts and can lead to almost 125% increased sales of outdoor and environmental products. The statistics speak for themselves. Each category is a revenue magnet, offering significant percentage increases in sales or conversions. These niches are red-hot and easy traffic generators!

Also, introducing additional features for creating superior-quality whiteboard videos:

Whiteboard videos creation in multiple languages!

Now create videos in multiple languages and reach a wider audience (your current membership has only english language voices).

More font families

It offers an expanded selection of font options for your text overlays.

Video Fade feature

With this feature, you can seamlessly fade in or fade out your video clips, creating a visually pleasing and polished effect.

Audio can be uploaded from local

This feature enables you to easily upload audio files directly from your local device into the software.

100 DFY video frames for whiteboard videos

You can choose any template in background from 100 DFY frames and create jaw-dropping whiteboard videos.

Create longer whiteboard Videos with 4000 characters and 20 slides

More slides and more words means longer videos and more sales and profits! This is DOUBLE the limits of your current membership. It will make a big difference.

Text animation

Additionally, it provides various animation effects to bring your text to life.

Easy overlays on whiteboard videos

You can search for and add video and image overlays to your videos.

Perform stock video search and add as watermark -

Easily search for stock videos within the software and seamlessly add them as watermarks to your own videos.

This is a game-changer: Businesses are increasingly relying on whiteboard videos to drive their sales.

It's the ultimate secret weapon in today's competitive market. Entrepreneurs, content creators, bloggers, YouTubers, and affiliate marketers alike are all turning to whiteboard videos to captivate their audiences and fuel their success.

This is the reason why we chose to load our upgrade pack with 10 additional hot selling video categories and premium editing tools making it 3X. We want our customers to be able to grab their audience's attention and drive them easily to their sales offers, deals compelling them to act.

With 3X video creation capacity,

you're now just few Clicks Away From creating 100s of whiteboard videos in hot niches

Flooding Your

sites, offers, blogs, pages with limitless Buyers Traffic, leads and sales…potentially earning minimum $300 - $500 every day!!

Take a look at few stunning
Whiteboard videos you can create with this upgrade :

(These videos were created 100% with VidPalAi Pro. The scripts were written 100% by VidPalAi Pro, and all the voiceovers are 100% VidPalAi Pro.)

Fitness Demo Video

Cooking Demo Video

Travel Demo Video

Software Review Demo Video

Real Estate Demo Video

Nature Demo Video

Make Money Online Demo Video

Fashion Demo Video

Children's Demo Video

Business Demo Video

VidPalAi Pro's whiteboard videos can

  • Get you an astounding 55% boost in customer conversions.
  • and boost engagement by a mind-blowing 80%.

Because they catch people's attention and make them act. It's like magic!

So, get ready for some AI infused magic and drop-dead gorgeous whiteboard cooking, nature, children, fashion, health and fitness and other hot selling videos to skyrocket your leads, customers, and sales.

So, Who is this meant for?

Anyone with an online business! Entrepreneurs, content creators, bloggers, YouTubers, affiliate marketers - the list goes on. Harness the power of whiteboard videos and watch your business thrive!

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Get access to VidpalAi Pro now:

Personal use - $34.95

  • Create Whiteboard - Cooking Videos, Fitness, Real Estate, Fashion, Business, Children, Software Review, Make Money Online, Travelling and Nature Videos
  • Built-in Studio quality Special Transitions
  • - 100 DFY whiteboard video frames
  • - Create whiteboard videos in Multiple languages!
  • - 4000 Characters with 20 slides in whiteboard Video Creator
  • - Perform Stock video search and add as watermark.
  • - Search video watermark and Image watermark
  • - Audio can be uploaded from local
  • - Video Fade feature, More font families & Text animation features

Agency rights - $37

  • Agency license to Sell high-quality Whiteboard videos to hungry buyers in 16 Hot niches!
  • Set up a profitable AI video creation business in minutes!
  • Create Whiteboard - Cooking Videos, Fitness, Real Estate, Fashion, Business, Children, Software Review, Make Money Online, Travelling and Nature Videos
  • Built-in Studio quality Special Transitions
  • - 100 DFY whiteboard video frames
  • - Create whiteboard videos in Multiple languages!
  • - 4000 Characters with 20 slides in whiteboard Video Creator (that is DOUBLE your limits)
  • - Perform Stock video search and add as watermark.
  • - Search video watermark and Image watermark
  • - Audio can be uploaded from local
  • - Video Fade feature, More font families & Text animation features

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